Wednesday, October 13, 2010

The Never Ending Conversation

As a couple, the truth is your "talks" are actually never ending conversations.
We tend to go over the same issues with our partners, perhaps with different words, but the same meaning is there.

Can you be clear with your partner about what you expect?
Are you able to see what your partner does for you and vice versa?
Can you talk about the behaviour that you find unacceptable and find the courage to say no more?

It is key to know what you need from your partner, how to be yourself and feeling understood.
I believe it is good to say that you have needs, want to be desired, have intimacy and creating a living space that allows everyone to flourish.

Understanding these ideas can help to sustain your relationship.
Working at a relationship is just that work!
Knowing what you need can help to create a sense of tolerance with each other.  This can allow for one to let go of resentment that can be built up over time and  creates disharmony in the couple.
When in a session, I ask people to be honest, take a step back and look at their "stuff" not just their partners.
Do that for yourself and enjoy the ride.

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